Dementia Awareness week at MMU

The Department of Nursing is hosting a range of events this week arranged by Anne-Marie Borneuf in her role as Dementia Champion. Events include workshops, dementia friends sessions and guest lectures aiming to raise very ones awareness of denmentia. The Departmenta will host a dementia cafe on Wednesday afternoon when staff and students will offer activities for people with dementia and their carers or family. The Department is committed to both raising awareness of dementia within the community and ensuring staff and students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support individuals affected and their carers.

Further information on Dementai can be found at: Alzheimer’s Society


Student Nursing Times Awards 2016: MMU Nursing on Tour!

Staff, students, practice colleagues, friends and service users attended the prestigious Student Nursing Times Awards yesterday at the Park Lane Hilton in London. Up for Best Pre Reg provider and Best Adult Student (Christopher Walker) we were all excited to get there. Unfortunately we didn’t win this year but we would like to say well done to all the winners. It was a fabulous day which really celebrates the best of Nurse Education. We would like to thank everyone who made the day such a great experience and supported us in our nominations. Great to be finalists again!

We weren’t entirely without success as we did win the Virgin Train quiz on the way to London and thanks to Darren the train manager for his great service and goodie bag! We will be planning ahead for next year and look forward to doing it all again. 



MMU Department of Nursing Does it Again! 

MMU has made it to the final of the 2016 Student Nursing Times Awards for Best Provider (pre-reg) for the fourth time. The team are so proud of their achievement and the support of their students. The winners will be announced on the 28th April. Staff and students will attend the ceremony in April. The no,I nation is one of two in the final Chris Walker (March 13 Cohort) has also made it to the final for Best a Adult Student. 

We all look forward to the awards and hope we can build on our previous success. The team would like to wish all the finalists good luck.


MMU Department of Nursing Student Shares her Experience of a Children’s Hopsice: Jessica Slater

Jessica Slater a March 14 Adult Nursing Degree Student recently wrote a poem inspired by her experience on an elective placement in a local children’s hospice. Her presentation on this experience was well received and she shares her thoughts here.

Jessica says my experience was, that we provided true holistic care shaped by emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of children and young adults. We spent two hours talking through care plans so personal centre care could be delivered, leaving people with the feeling of involvement, belonging and This resulted in strong professional relationships being establishex. Children received respite, palliative and end of life care and family’s received bereavement and sibling support. I realised that a children’s hospice is a place to live not just a  place to die. I fully enjoyed my experience here, playing and caring for children until the very end and beyond. I wrote a poem to support my presentation inspired by my experiences there.

A global perspective – children’s hospice

They get told they won’t grow old,
They don’t know what the future holds.

By their sides are family and friends,
And nurses who care and support them until the very end. 

The child’s mind goes dark and sees no light, 
Nurses step in and heed the plight to laugh and cry. 

We provide holistic and personal-centred care, 
We’re not just on wards, we’re everywhere.

MMU Department of Nursing: So Proud of our Students

Another amazing open day at MMU with our fantasitic students representing and selling our programme. If you are considering being a Nurse you need to do it at MMU.

Our students demonstrate absolute professionalism on all levels and I suspect are an inspiration to those who attend the open day and decide they want to Join us. 

Professional staff and amazing students what’s not to love!


MMU Department of Nursing in Morrisons Health Promotion Tour

Staff and students are working together with members of the local patient participation group offering health screening and advice to the local community in Hyde, Cheshire. The event to support self care week is being held 10-4 everyday this week in Morrisons supermarket, Hyde. 

Students both pre-registration  and post reg are supporting each other working alongside academic staff offering shoppers of all ages the opportunity to discuss their health and have their blood pressure taken. The service has already referred several people to local services having identified those with specific health anxieties or high blood pressure. 

This is the second year of supporting self care week and members of the Thornley House Medical Center PPG have been on hand to promote both self care and health pledge a concept developed in conjunction with Jacqui Gladwin the principal lecturer leading the undergraduate nursing programme at MMU who worked in the store on Monday. 

There were approximate 70 people seen on Monday and several expressed concerns about their health in relation to both diet and lifestyle. The community nursing students were able to give advice about stopping smoking and reducing sugar and salt intake especially in relation to stem of the shopping that was evident in the trollies. The manager of the store Mr Simon Toft has supported the event and came along with a number of the staff to have their blood pressure checked. 

The event is a useful way for students to learn practical health promotion skills in a suppritive and relaxed environment. It is also a fantastic showcase for Nursing at MMU and everyone has commented on how professional the students and staff are. 

For further details and videos see:

Staff, students, patients and Dr Hannan 

 Ingrid Brindle (Centre, Chair of PPG & co founder of Health Pledge), Lisa Goddard and Nell Henderson student nurses, Dr Hannan having his BP recorded supervised by Jacqui Gladwin Principal Lecturer, Department of Nursing MMU.

MMU Nursing in Finland

Eula Miller and I have travelled to Turku in Finland to participate in their annual international week. This is a conference involving both students and staff and a number of international guests invited to speak on a range of topics. Eula has been talking about the concept of building resilience in nursing students and I have been talking about the development of electronic records access for patients and the development of our simulation within nursing. 

This year there was over 20 international guests from countries including Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Iceland, Turkey, China, Portugal, Spain, Belguim, Italy, Netherlands and of course we represented the UK. The speakers are from a range of professions including medicine, nursing, midwifery, social work, pharmacy, psychology speech and language and sciences. 

The conference is in English which is always very humbling as neither Eula or I would be able to deliver a conference paper in another language!  The students nursing, paramedics, physiotherpists both under graduate and post grad take part and it is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other. 


Part of the conference is to visit areas of the university including the simulation suite and this was very informative and seeing the students performing simulation in English is again a very humbling experience as I cannot imagine our students feeling comfortable performing such skills in another language! 

Thursday we had a networking trip up the archipelago to Manheim in Sweden which enabled us all to identify commonalities in terms of research and project work. We have many common interests including long term conditions and supporting older people’s health and well being and development of health literacy and use of technology in health care.  There are a range of opportunities for us to work together in the future and excitingly we have agreed with the nursing programme in Turku that we will develop buddy links for students in our programme using Nursing Buddies. We hope that we can start to develop our network further and provide opportunities for our students to link with the Finnish students and communicate in common topics. 

The beautiful archipelago


Curriculum Development

The undergraduate adult nursing programme is due for review in December 2015 and a revised curriculum will commence in September 2016. We aim to include as many patients and carers as we can in the review to ensure your needs are represented and that future nurses can respond to you and have the appropriate attitudes and behaviours required. 

If you would like to get involved then please complete the following survey. It is completely anonymous but you can contact us via the site if you would like to get more involved. 

Patient and Carer Survey on Nurse Education

MMU Department of Nursing Success at Student Nursing Times Awards

What a fantastic day the 7th May turned out to be. Not for the election although I’m sure there will be many celebrating that result, but the success at the Student Nursing Times Awards. The pre-registration nursing team won best provider for the second time in four years. A posse of ten staff, students and service users attended the prestigious awards ceremony at the Hilton in Park Lane and were up for five awards. The event has grown year on year and many of the nursing royalty were in attendance. 

The team lost out to worthy winners in the other categories but were super excited when the overall provider award was read out by Jane Cummings and the whole team stormed the stage. To win once is amazing but to win twice is a huge testament to all the hard work of everyone involved and the brilliant relationship we have with our students. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and let’s see what we achieve next year!