Monthly Archives: November 2016

Showcasing MMU Pre Reg Nurses Promoting Health Pledge by Jacqui Gladwin

i was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the People Drive Digital Conference at the Open Data Institute in Leeds today

There were a number of speakers all who have experience of co creation of digital resources to support people in relation to positively influencing their health. I presented our collaboration with Thornley House Medical Centre Patient Group and our support for Health Pledge

We had the opportunity to network and discuss issues with like minded people and the response to our community engagement initiative was amazing. 

The speakers were lucky enough to have their presentations captured as cartoons and I was quite impressed with mine. 

It was great to meet such a wide range of people so committed to using technology sensibly and to empower people to be more informed. As nurses we need to support our communities to embrace technology even simple ones to improve their health and well being.



MMU Student Nurses undertake health checks for the local community

Staff and students from MMU Department of Nursing have been promoting self care week in Hyde. Supported by Thornley House Medical Centre Patient Group they carried out over two hundred health checks to shoppers and staff in Morrisons this week. Students have limited opportunities for community experience at a time when health services need to be focused in the community rather than the acute sector so this is a great opportunity for students to develop their confidence and skills in both communication  and health promotion.mWe talked to many people about their health worries and gave advice where required. The team were promoting health pledge which is designed to encourage people to make a pledge to make a small change to their life which could make a big impact on their health and well being. 

We would like to thank Simon  Toft the manager at Morrisons for supporting this initiative again this year and we look forward to next year.