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MMU Department of Nursing Does it Again! 

MMU has made it to the final of the 2016 Student Nursing Times Awards for Best Provider (pre-reg) for the fourth time. The team are so proud of their achievement and the support of their students. The winners will be announced on the 28th April. Staff and students will attend the ceremony in April. The no,I nation is one of two in the final Chris Walker (March 13 Cohort) has also made it to the final for Best a Adult Student. 

We all look forward to the awards and hope we can build on our previous success. The team would like to wish all the finalists good luck.



MMU Department of Nursing Student Shares her Experience of a Children’s Hopsice: Jessica Slater

Jessica Slater a March 14 Adult Nursing Degree Student recently wrote a poem inspired by her experience on an elective placement in a local children’s hospice. Her presentation on this experience was well received and she shares her thoughts here.

Jessica says my experience was, that we provided true holistic care shaped by emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of children and young adults. We spent two hours talking through care plans so personal centre care could be delivered, leaving people with the feeling of involvement, belonging and This resulted in strong professional relationships being establishex. Children received respite, palliative and end of life care and family’s received bereavement and sibling support. I realised that a children’s hospice is a place to live not just a  place to die. I fully enjoyed my experience here, playing and caring for children until the very end and beyond. I wrote a poem to support my presentation inspired by my experiences there.

A global perspective – children’s hospice

They get told they won’t grow old,
They don’t know what the future holds.

By their sides are family and friends,
And nurses who care and support them until the very end. 

The child’s mind goes dark and sees no light, 
Nurses step in and heed the plight to laugh and cry. 

We provide holistic and personal-centred care, 
We’re not just on wards, we’re everywhere.