Monthly Archives: October 2014

MMU Department of Nursing Triumph in the Trauma Simulation

Students have once again taken part in the Trauma scenario within the undergraduate nursing programme. Whilst this is a resource intensive scenario the benefits are obvious. Students have the opportunity to develop both their team working and communication skills.

Students A&E randomly allocated roles and many of them are given roles they least expected or wanted. Many of them shine in the process and the level of engagement with the scenario is frankly astounding.

The scenario improves every time in terms of reality and having the patient wheeled in by staff dressed as Paramedics and then asking the students to transfer him out to scan added to the sense of reality.

Every group of students during the debrief commented on how realistic it felt even down to someone being in the other end if the phone when they are asked to ring X-ray to arrange diagnostics.

The addition of the relative arriving provides an extra dimension and although it is fast laced and hard work to facilitate as there is so much going on it is so worth the effort.

I have posted a couple of photos to illustrate.