MMU Department of Nursing and the 6Cs

The 6Cs for all event was held in Westminster on the 4th July 2014 and I was privileged to be invited to speak about how the 6Cs can be embedded within health care education and training. The event attracted over 400 senior leaders from the NHS across a number of professions. There were a range of inspirational speakers including a father who shared his experiences of the NHS as a parent of a child who has spent a significant part of his life in hospital and being cared for by a range of staff. He explained how he felt the NHS defined his son as a list of conditions rather than a person and that there were many occasions where staff had a can’t do attitude. He gave examples of some very small acts from staff that had made a real difference to him and his family and it was very clear that both he and his son remembered the small things that individual staff had done that ‘went the extra mile’. Care and compassion cost nothing yet there were many examples of where the 6Cs particularly care and compassion had not been evident in their experience.

My workshop was delivered to an audience made up of senior staff from across the professions and it was received positively. I explained how the programmes at MMU had embedded the 6Cs and gave examples of how Nursing had approached them. I read out a poem that had been written by one of our students who had reflected on her experiences in practice. I was able to relate the presentation that had been given by the father of the child that morning in relation to the ‘small things make a big difference’ as that is primarily what the poem was about. The whole event was inspiring and gave me the opportunity to meet a range of people and raise the profile of MMU. There was a real feeling of optimism that things can change and that we need to ensure the focus is clearly on rebuilding trust with patients.


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