Clinical Simulation in Nursing at MMU

Clinical Simulation Video Click Here

This is a link to a video of our some of our students in our simulation lab practicing their team working skills. The scenario is a man called Neil James who is a motorcyclist and is in a collision with a drunk driver. He has sustained multiple injuries and the students have to work in the roles assigned to them to assess him on admission. They then have to identify the priorities and manage the situation as it occurs. Neil’s wife arrives part way through (actor) and the student assigned to be the relatives nurse has to think quickly in terms of the information provided. Neil’s condition initially stabilises and then deteriorates as his head injury becomes a priority. The students all worked well together although some groups were much more cohesive than others. Once the scenario is complete the students have a debrief and then are asked to reflect on their experiences after the event and to post their thoughts and feelings on the discussion board on Moodle.

Some of the reflections posted this time were amazing and really demonstrated the value of this kind of approach in facilitating learning and developing skills and understanding. Students from one of our cohorts posted:

“This skills session surprisingly didn’t really knock my belief in my ability to carry out these skills to much but showed the importance, in a practical way, of team work, experience, knowledge and communication, and how effective a team can work together when all these things come together. We are still learning, gaining our knowledge and with experience and opportunity we will become ‘slick’ and life savers in the years to come” (Nursing Student 1)

“The scenario gave insight to the importance of team work and how each member of the team has an important role to play.  I think we worked well as a team, communication and support was good within the group.  The learning experience was positive with both lecturers sharing their skills to guide us through the process. Knowledge and skills will continue to develop as we become more experienced and I will continue to reflect upon my actions and attitudes to the different situations that arise in providing patient focused care” (Nursing Student 2)

“On a personal level, I am so glad for the preparation we were given in the lectures prior to this scenario, the ‘resuscitation’ app (which I have become addicted to), the directed study (in particular the Camp Bastion video) but also for the independent reading I’ve done as part of this unit. Being put in a realistic scenario really ties everything together, highlights our strengths and allows us to reflect and build upon our weaknesses” (Nursing Student 3) 

As a department we continue to develop our skills in simulation and in moving to our new building in August are looking forward to the potential of developing our experience and capability further. Look out for more posts in relation to our student’s reflections on the experience and benefits of simulated learning in nursing.


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